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Downtown Development Authority

The Pinconning Downtown Development Authority was formed in 1989 with the goal of continually improving the functioning and economic development of the Downtown area. Here’s a deeper dive into DDA history. Over the years, many local businesses have benefited from our Business Improvement Program. We’re looking forward to continually improve the space for a prosperous Pinconning, Michigan.

Current Projects:

Community Building Improvements

Ramping up the use of the Pinconning Community Building. First, the DDA has proudly installed necessities for handicapped accessibility. We’ve streamlined the rental process for use of the building and supplied new tables and chairs for use of its renters. We’re in the process of applying for a 501c3 and grants to support the continual growth of the Community Building.

New City of Pinconning Signs

The DDA has funded the implementation of three new ‘Welcome’ signs upon entering the City of Pinconning. These are automatic signs that allow Public Service Announcements and area business advertisements to be displayed for all residents and tourists. Strategically, these signs will be maintained and improved by the Pinconning Linwood Chamber of Commerce. If you are interested in advertising Please inquire more here or call 989-313-0953.

Doc Letchfield ParkCity of Pinconning, MI sign

This year at Doc Letchfield Park, the DDA has funded upgrades to the pavilion and new nets for the batting cages.

Immediate Past Projects:


Take a look at some of our welcoming Christmas decor, new flags, and curb painting! 

Area Wide Website

The DDA has built and maintains this area-wide website for use of anything Pinconning. Residents can use it for Pinconning area resources, business directory, events and more. Have a community event to share? Let us know!


Ongoing Projects:

Fund Updated City Planning Strategies

Pinconning’s City Master and Target Marketing Plans were last updated in the 1990’s. It is our goal to bring Pinconning up to speed and develop cooperation of all entities to avoid duplication of assets and streamlining the process of maintaining community buildings and parks and the future funding these entities require.

Cooperative Projects with the City Government

With the help of our budget and grants, we can aid in rebuilding and maintaining City streets and infrastructure. This year, the DDA was able to help the City receive new sewer water pumps.


DDA Members

Chairman- term-end 2023
Brain Saha
989-879-2281 or 879-239-3075
Pinconning Cheese Co. 

Vice-Chairman- term-end 2023
Matt Hycki
Pizza Dude

Mayor, or Council assignee- term-end Mayor on Board by ByLaws
Sherrie Boettcher
989-879-5968 or 989-313-9240
City of Pinconning - PO Box 84

Board Member- term-end 2023
Becky Miller
989-879-3313 or 989-324-0142
Town and Country Super Market

Board Member- term-end 2024
Lori Szyperski
PJ’s Pizzeria

Secretary- term-end 2025
Tara Marczak
989-879-2747 or 989-430-8070
Independent Bank

Treasurer- term-end 2025
Josh Klee
Farm Bureau

Board Member- term-end 2024
Cliff Holland
CJ’s Sports Grill

Board Member- term-end 2024
Lynn Snyder
Community Clothing Center

Board Member- term-end 2023
Dacy Willard
Bay County Library System

DDA meetings are held at the Pinconning City Hall or Pinconning Community Center on the 1st Tuesday @ 3:30 pm

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