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City Officials

City Manager
Rebecca Lakin
Phone:  989-879-2360 
Amy Bromberg
Phone: 989-879-2360 
Jessica View   [email protected] 
Phone: 989-879-2360 


City Council  

Mayor: Sheri Beottcher
Phone: 989-879-5968
Mayor Pro-Tem: Stephanie Chant
Phone: 989-717-1018
Councilwoman: Becky Lesniak
Phone: 989-879-2232
Councilwoman: Robin Wiess
Phone: 989-879-4025 
Councilman: Patrick Johnson
Phone: 989-313-2951 
Councilman: Chris Kuehne
Phone: 989-359-2416
Councilwoman: Kristin Boetefuer

Get in touch with council members by leaving contact information with City Hall. 

DDA meetings are held at the Community Building at 3:30 pm the second Tuesday of the month.

Council Meetings are 3rd Monday @ 5:30 pm of the month unless it falls on a holiday, then it will be the 3rd Tuesday.