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Discrepancy With Mail in Ballots

It has been discovered a small amount of absentee ballots were mailed with the primary instructions. If you feel that these instructions caused you to vote differently, please call City Hall and you can spoil your recent ballot and we can offer you a new one. We are so sorry for the mix-up. The City will be trying to personally call the voters who were affected.

Pinconning Park Ball Fields CLOSED Sept 23-Oct 3

The three baseball/softball infields at Doc Letchfield park are set to start reconstruction on Thursday, September 22nd by Servinski Sod.  The public need to stay off the diamonds while they are working on them and not use them until October 3, 2022.  Please be patient during these couple of weeks.  This is going to be a big improvement and we want to make sure the fields settle nicely before we start using them again.

City of Pinconning Brush Pick up Notice

The City of Pinconning’s DPW will collect brush the week of September 12-16, 2022



  1. Brush must be set out by 7:30 am on the day of pickup and not more than 48 hours in advance of    

      pickup.  If brush is set out beyond allocated time frame, homeowner/resident will be monetarily 


  1. Brush should be placed in piles no more than four (4) feet wide by three (3) feet high.
  2. Brush should be piled on the road verge in a neat and orderly manner with cut ends tied facing the 

      direction of roadway.

  1. Maximum branch diameter will be three (3) inches.
  2. Minimum branch length will be four (4) feet.
  3. Stumps will not be accepted.
  4. Any brush generated by a hired tree service will not be chipped.


Brush will not be picked up if the property owner does not adhere to the material guidelines listed above.  


If you have any questions, please contact the City of Pinconning at 879-2360.


Light up the Field – DDA Fundraiser

The Pinconning Youth League and the Pinconning DDA have teamed up to rebuild the ball fields and update the ball field lights in Doc Letchfield Park. They have received some grant funding and donations with the goal of improvements being made in 2022. They are working to raise all of the funds needed to “Light Up the Field.”

Business sponsorships are being sought and all donations of any size are welcome.

Printable Sponsor Flyer Here!


Light Up the Fields donation Sponsors will receive recognition as described below.   Note one LED field light fixture cost $2000.00.


Any amount of donation- project sponsor listing on master sign.


Quarter Light Sponsor – $500- project sponsor listing on master sign and media announcement.

Half Light Sponsor – $1,000 –above plus 1yr field Fence sign sponsorship. 

One Light Sponsor – $2,000- all above plus 2yr field fence sign sponsorship. 

Three Lights Sponsor -$6,000- all above plus 3yrs of field fence sign sponsorship. 

Light Array Sponsor – $10,000- all above plus 5yrs total of field fence sign sponsorship.


Project Overview:

The youth baseball/softball fields located at the city park, are community fields used by all who surround the City of Pinconning.  The Pinconning Youth League Organization represent the whole community of Pinconning including city and township rural areas that are part of the Pinconning community, so we are all participant users of these playing fields and any donations from private/personal, business organization and clubs in our Pinconning area are welcome and would be greatly appreciated for our children.

The first project is all three playing fields are being updated with infield improvements which will regrade and rebuild the infields with newly applied diamond dust at all three diamonds.  The last infield improvements were performed in the early 2000’s.  This work is scheduled to be completed by the Oct. 1, 2022 and the improvement cost was funded by grants received from the Northern Bay County Fund, the Youth Advisory Endowment Fund administered by the Bay Area Foundation, and the City of Pinconning DDA.

The second project is the “Light Up the Field Project”, with an estimated cost of $40,000.00, to update the field lights of the west diamond.  The existing old light fixtures were last updated in the 1980s and approximately a third to half of them do not work. The project would replace existing halogen fixtures with new & high efficient LED fixtures and will light up the field for many years to come.  With these lighting improvements,  more youth league seasonal and tournament play would be scheduled to utilize the field more and would also attract travel ball team tournaments to the City of Pinconning to be scheduled during the summer season, which also benefits our community. Funding for this project is in progress and is currently supported by two grants received by the Northern Bay County Fund and the Men’s Philanthropy Group administered by the Bay Area Foundation in the amount of $5,500. There have been several business commitments also to support this project to date which still leaves a fund-raising goal of $30,000+ approximately.

The Pinconning Youth League Organization is an affiliate of the Tri-Village Association which is a 501-C-3 Non-Profit organization, and any donation would be tax deductible.

Contact Brian Saha at 989.239.3075 or Andy Bergeron, President, Pinconning Youth League Organization. 206 Center Dr., Pinconning MI 48650 (989) 213-6340 [email protected]

December Board of Review Notice

The City of Pinconning December Board of Review will meet on Tuesday, December 14th, 2021 at 12:30pm by appointment only for the purpose of correcting clerical errors and mutual mistakes of fact.  


If no appointments are received, this meeting may not be held. For an appointment, please contact the assessing office at (989) 734-3555. Appointments must be received by Thursday, December 9, 2021. The meetings will be held at the Pinconning City Hall located at 208 S Manitou St., Pinconning MI. 

DDA Meetings

DDA meetings are held at the Pinconning City Hall on the 1st Tuesday @ 1:30 pm

Please see here for more details about the Pinconning Downtown Development Authority projects, board members, and more.