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Dump Permit

This permit is for the exclusive use of City of Pinconning Residents to deposit household waste or bulky items discarded at Whitefeather Landfill. One per year!

Proof of residency and Picture ID is required. The permit must be present upon arrival. Only one permit per vehicle will be accepted. All loads for deposit are subject to inspection by landfill staff.


Please stop in at City Hall to fill out your permit. 



  1. Voucher is for the disposal of solid waste including household waste and residential construction debris.
  2. Voucher is for the exclusive use of City of Pinconning residents. Proof of residency will be a Drivers License or Voter Registration.
  3. ONE voucher per vehicle
  4. Voucher is for a maximum of one ton. Resident will pay additional tonnage at the rate of Whitefeather Landfill.
  5. Voucher MUST be present upon arrival. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.
  6. State law mandates all vehicles to be ‘litter free.’ Secure and tarp loads.
  7. State law mandates NO YARD WASTE may be placed in the landfill. Therefore, we will not accept any mixed loads containing yard waste.
  8. All vehicles will follow posted speed limits while at the landfill.
  9. All persons are to remain inside of their vehicle while traveling to the landfill.
  10. No smoking, firearms, or alcohol are allowed in the landfill.
  11. All loads are subject to inspection and rejection by landfill staff.
  12. The landfill should not be used during inclement weather to avoid possible damage to your vehicle.
  13. No liquid waste or hazardous waste, fluorescent light ballast, PCB containing material, radioactive materials, and medical waste including syringes, asbestos, or drums will be accepted.
  14. Call the Landfill at 989-879-3372 for directions, hours, and arrival times.