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City of Pinconning Brush Pick up Notice

The City of Pinconning’s DPW will collect brush the week of September 12-16, 2022



  1. Brush must be set out by 7:30 am on the day of pickup and not more than 48 hours in advance of    

      pickup.  If brush is set out beyond allocated time frame, homeowner/resident will be monetarily 


  1. Brush should be placed in piles no more than four (4) feet wide by three (3) feet high.
  2. Brush should be piled on the road verge in a neat and orderly manner with cut ends tied facing the 

      direction of roadway.

  1. Maximum branch diameter will be three (3) inches.
  2. Minimum branch length will be four (4) feet.
  3. Stumps will not be accepted.
  4. Any brush generated by a hired tree service will not be chipped.


Brush will not be picked up if the property owner does not adhere to the material guidelines listed above.  


If you have any questions, please contact the City of Pinconning at 879-2360.